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Wednesday, 27 July 2016


''I Hate ROSLA, I Hate ROSLA
The Raising Of The School Leaving Age''

''From When I was 14,I used To Sit And Dream
Another Year To Go And I'll Be Working
They Gone And Raised The Age,Another Year To Go
A Year In This Prison Camp,Oh No!''

RAY BURDIS was a familiar face on UK TV during the mid to late 70's,often playing characters that were 'A Little Bit Lively'.The working class Londoner was one of the first pupils to attend THE ANNA SHEER DRAMA SCHOOL in ISLINGTON when it was founded in 1968.The school was set up to enable disadvantaged children to find a way into acting.It's reputation grew rapidly and it was soon supplying actors for the stage and screen.

In 1975 actors from the school were enlisted to write and perform in the TV show YOU MUST BE JOKING.the program featured topical and satirical sketches,news items and live music from a semi professional pop group FLINTLOCK.All the performers {apart from one presenter,JIM BOWEN} were teenagers and the brash and informal style of the show was cutting edge for it's time

FLINTLOCK performed as a self contained unit and as a backing band when the presenters sang satirical songs.One of the most memorable of these was ''ROSLA'',a song about the recent rise in the age that teenagers could legally leave school.The number with it's 'shouty' vocals and 'unmannered' playing prefigures the DIY PUNK sound of THE DESPERATE BICYCLES by a couple of years

Burdis continued to dabble in music and formed the PUNK/METAL band GREAT BRITISH HEROES the following year.The band were part the LONDON 'NEW WAVE' scene and played at venues like THE ROXY,THE NASHVILLE and THE ROCKGARDEN.A 7'' single was recorded for LIGHTNING RECORDS in 1978,but was withdrawn before release

Ray quit the band shortly after to concentrate on acting.He continued to act in Film and TV and went onto produce and direct

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