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Thursday, 11 August 2016


70's Euro-Pop and Holiday Hits Mixed By DENIM DISCO


01 - Charo - Concherto De Aranjuez
02 - Silver Convention - Acuestate Conmigo
03 - Voyage - Latin Odyssey
04 - Leif Garrett - I was Made For Dancin'
05 - Bryan Ferry - The Price Of Love
06 - Barry Blue - Dancin' On A Saturday Night
07 - The Sweet - Co Co
08 - Tony Orlando & Dawn - Knock Three Times
09 - Sylvia - Y Viva Espania
10 - Middle Of The Road - Soley Soley
11 - Pickerttywich - That Same Old Feeling
12 - Peter Noone - Together Forever
13 - Sweet Dreams - Honey Honey
14 - Teach In - Ding A Dong
15 - Amanda Lear - Pretty Boys
16 - Classe Unica - Oplapla
17 - Reparata - Shoes
18 - Bimbo Jet - El Bimbo {Part One}
19 - La Bionda - One For You,One For Me
20 - Giorgio - Too Hot To Handle
21 - Raffaella Carra - Do It,Do It Again
22 - Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
23 - Demis Roussos - Action Lady

Download An MP3 Of The Mix {With Artwork} Here:


Wednesday, 10 August 2016


MEAN MACHINE appear to have been a studio project that included songwriter/vocalist ROGER COOK,bassist HERBIE FLOWERS and drummer BRIAN BENNETT.All three were well established in their respective fields when the 45 was released in early 1976.COOK had written a number of hits and was a member of BLUE MINK along with FLOWERS.BRIAN BENNETT {like FLOWERS} was in demand on both POP and 'LIBRARY' sessions and had also released a number of solo LP's.The TOP SIDE: ''RUNNING WITH THE RAT PACK'' is a medium tempo HARMONICA driven COUNTRY FUNK number that brings to mind AREA CODE 615 and TONY JOE WHITE

The tempo is turned up on the B-SIDE: ''BOOGIE TO THE DRUMMER'',a fantastic dance number that owes a little to ''THE RESURRECTION SHUFFLE'' by ASHTON GARDENER & DYKE,BENNETT leads the charge on this one,syncopated SNARE ROLLS,COWBELL and WHISTLES lay the base for a VOCAL CHANT and some propulsive BOOGIE PIANO

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


''THE GETAWAY'' by DAVID SCOTT is a remarkable ROCK/SOUL number with a dynamic sound production.It was recorded at THE MORGAN SOUND STUDIO in Brussels,Belgium during 1975.The studio was set up as an expansion of the London Morgan Studios where a number of top selling records by the likes of:PINK FLOYD,LED ZEPPELIN,ROD STEWART and FREE were recorded

Engineer MIKE BUTCHER handled the bulk of the work at the Brussels wing and he certainly did a great job on ''THE GETAWAY''.The song leaps out of the speakers with a HARD GUITAR RIFF/SIREN SOUND/STRINGS intro and moves into a dynamic number that seemingly melds THE BEATLES ''GET BACK'' with ''CALL THE POLICE'' by HOT CHOCOLATE

The 45 was released on the Belgium independent DECIBEL RECORDS.A further DAVID SCOTT 45 ''DANCE DANCE MAMMA'' was released by the CNR label in the same year

Tuesday, 2 August 2016


In contrast to the superstars of the UK GLAM-ROCK scene,HELLO were not seasoned performers,but a group of genuine teenagers.The band were signed to BELL RECORDS in 1972 and kicked things off with a couple of strong rocking 45's penned by songwriter RUSS BALLARD

Their first hit was the GLITTER BAND styled reading of the R'n'B classic ''TELL HIM''.The record reached number 6 in the UK charts at the end of'74.Subsequent releases fared less well and the best part of a year passed before another RUSS BALLARD song ''NEW YORK GROOVE'' returned them to the TOP TEN.Producer MIKE LEANDER mixed the beat loudly {as he did with his GARY GLITTER/THE GLITTER BAND productions} and captured a great performance from the band.The feel was somewhere between BO DIDDLEY and HAMILTON BOHANNON.A GLAM/DISCO fusion that was perfect for the time and perfect for the dance floor.The record spent nine weeks in the charts and peaked at number 9

In 1978 ACE FREHLEY the lead guitarist of KISS recorded a version of the song and scored a TOP 20 HIT in THE BILLBOARD HOT 100