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Wednesday, 20 July 2016


''The Freedom Path Is Never Straight
It's Crooked And It's Full Of Hate
But Brother Hold On,You Gotta Hold On
Crosses Burning Up The Night
A Hooded Face Against The Light
But Brother Hold On,You Gotta Hold On''

SCORCHED EARTH were a band put together by songwriter/producer BEN FINDON as a vehicle for the Trinidadian born singer BILLY OCEAN.Their sole release was a 45 for the YOUNG BLOOD label in 1974.The record reveals the band as a first rate FUNK-ROCK outfit with POP sensibilities.The top side ''ON THE RUN'' is based around a medium paced drum and bass dance groove that builds with a melodic string arrangement and vocal hook.The songs lyrics refer to civil rights/race issues in a similar way to those of ''BROTHER LOUIE'' by HOT CHOCOLATE {another band that fused ROCK and SOUL influences}.The B-Side ''CAN YOU FEEL IT'' is a harder edged FUNK number that brings to mind SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE.

The following year Ben took Billy to the GTO record label where he achieved solo success with ''LOVE REALLY HURTS WITHOUT YOU'' and ''RED LIGHT SPELLS DANGER'' in in 1976 and 1977 respectively

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  1. I wonder if anyone here could put the lyrics to this song please, especially from the second part on. Thanks.