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Thursday, 25 July 2019


''THE HEAT IS ON'' was the second solo release from the former FOX vocalist after she left the band in 1977.Her first solo effort ''GEORGINA BAILEY'' was a minor hit that year,but a follow up didn't materialize until 1979.The song's dreamy half time LATIN/REGGAE feel,pepped up by a FUNKY CLAVINET and TIMBALE DRUM FILLS had all the makings of a SUMMER HIT,but sadly that was not to be.Ironically the song was re-recorded by the former ABBA vocalist AGNETHA FALTSKOG a few years later.It used a very similar arrangement and would go on to be the singers biggest international solo release

Wednesday, 10 July 2019


GINO VANNELI was a Canadian singer who combined JAZZ,POP,ROCK and SOUL influences in a captivating and unique fashion.''PEOPLE GOTTA MOVE'' {a SOULFUL LATIN DANCE tune from his 1974 LP ''POWERFUL PEOPLE''} began to pick up plays on BLACK RADIO in the U.S.A and a chance meeting with STEVIE WONDER led to him being offered a support slot on a short tour {replacing an unavailable CHAKA KHAN}.The tune was released on 7'' and shortly after DON CORNELIOUS got in touch and offered a spot on his SOUL TRAIN TV Show.Gino was only the second non black artist to appear on the show {the first being the veteran MOTOWN session guitarist DENNIS COFFEY}.He put in a stellar performance and received an enthusiastic response from THE SOUL TRAIN GANG.The song went onto reach Number 22 in THE BILLBOARD HOT 100

Wednesday, 30 January 2019


MIKE MCGEAR began his recording career in the mid 60's as part of the comedy/poetry/music group SCAFFOLD.Liverpool born Mike had jettisoned his birth name McCARTNEY to avoid accusations of riding on the coattails of his famous brother BEATLE PAUL,but having achieved success with Scaffold he felt comfortable enough to embark on a collaboration for his second solo LP in 1974.Recording began in January at Strawberry Studios in Stockport.Paul took the producers seat and supplied his band Wings to lay down a set of tunes the brothers had co written

As expected from those involved,the resulting album contained some excellent melodic material with evocative and whimsical lyrics.Leaving aside Mikes vocals,a lot of the tracks could easily be mistaken as WINGS numbers from the same era and like those,the spectre of GLAM ROCK/GLITTER POP rears it's rouge cheeked face on a few occasions.The LP kicks off with the only cover ''SEA BREEZES'',a number written by Bryan Ferry .This version is shorter and more direct than the version recorded by ROXY MUSIC for their first LP

The opening number morphs straight into ''WHAT DO WE REALLY KNOW?'' an UPTEMPO STOMPER with a fast shuffle beat that bears the influence of ''SOLID GOLD EASY ACTION'' by T-REX and MUD's ''TIGER FEET'' {the latter topped the UK charts for 4 weeks while the LP was being recorded}.The band cut loose on this and guitarists DENNY LANE and JIMMY McCULLOUGH really go to town!

The stomping continues in a strange offbeat way with ''Norton'' an incongruous crossbreeding of ''COZ I LUV YOU'' by SLADE and the crazed 60's novelty song ''THEY'RE COMING TO TAKE ME AWAY'' by NAPOLEON XIV.McGear switches to a menacing tone for these football chant style lyrics mouthed through the character of a small town bully

''Norton is a pretty boy
Norton is a sissy
Norton's got a lovely girl
Now is'nt that a pity''

''Norton is a daddies boy
Norton joined the army
He thought they'd make a man of him
He must be bloody barmy!''

''HAVE YOU GOT PROBLEMS?'' is NEW ORLEANS ROCK 'N' ROLL re-invented for the 70's in the manner of ''ALL THE WAY FROM MEMPHIS and ''THE GOLDEN AGE OF ROCK 'N' ROLL'' by MOTT THE HOOPLE.It features some great sax work from BRIAN JONES {from the legendary Mersey Beat group THE UNDERTAKERS}.Sounds like they were having a ball in the studio when they recorded this one!

McGear channels MARK BOLAN on ''GIVING GREASE A RIDE'',another powerful GLAM tinged rocker that comes across as a heavier brother to brother Paul's ''HELEN WHEELS'' 45 and like that cut it also features some excellent MINI MOOG playing from LINDA.The title was presumably inspired by the 1950's musical GREASE which had recently enjoyed it's first west end run and the song plays out with another period reference in the form of the ''SHAKIN' ALL OVER'' guitar riff

Rockers aside,the LP is worth checking out in it's entirety.As with SGT. PEPPER,the album contains many moods and the lower key songs {such as ''LEAVE IT'' and ''THE MAN WHO FOUND GOD ON THE MOON''} are excellent in their own right.The original GULLIVER themed gate-fold sleeve is also a gem!

Wednesday, 11 July 2018


A Selection of 70's Soft Rock Grooves Mixed By DENIM DISCO


01 - Don Ray - Garden Of Love
02 - Leo Sayer - The World Keeps On Turning
03 - Paul McCartney and Wings - Silly Love Songs
04 - Starbuck - Moonlight Feels Right
05 - Ned Doheny - Guess Who's Looking For Love Again
06 - Gino Vanelli - People Gotta Move
07 - Steely Dan - Do It Again
08 - Mud - Use Your Imagination
09 - The Marc Tanner Band - Lady In Blue
10 - Bob Welch - Ebony Eyes
11 - Todd Rundgren - I Saw The Light
12 - Silver - Wham Bam Shang - A - Lang
13 - America - Slow Down
14 - Photoglo - Steal Away
15 - Toto - You Are The Flower
16 - Exile - Never Gonna Stop
17 - Player - Baby Come Back
18 - Orleans - Spring Fever
19 - Jim Capaldi - 1890

Download An MP3 Of The Mix {With Artwork} Here:


Wednesday, 4 April 2018


US born GENO WASHINGTON enjoyed a degree of popularity in the UK during the late 60's.His high energy performances {inspired by STAX-VOLT artists like OTIS REDDING and EDDIE FLOYD} were unparalleled on this side of the water and Geno {with THE RAM JAM BAND} were a major live draw.His LP's {live documents of their shows} sold well,but hit 45's eluded him and as the 70's dawned,the band split and Geno returned home.He put his music career on ice for a few years and his next release didn't come untill the ''GENO's BACK'' LP for the DJM label in 1975

The 60's live LP's were mostly comprised of other peoples material,but for this comeback the majority of the songs were penned by the man himself {with some help from his brother-in-law PETER NOONE,better known as HERMAN from HERMAN'S HERMITS}.Despite his earlier reliance on cover songs,Geno proved to be a decent songwriter and the influences he used were quite wide ranging: LATIN FUNK {''HOLD ON MOMMA},REGGAE {''THE DEVIL'' and ''TELL ME PLEASE''} PHILLY SOUL {''LA LA LA''} POP ROCK {''ROCK ME MAE''} and a couple of numbers influenced by GLAM ROCK/GLITTER POP: ''HELP'' and ''BOOM BOOM''
DENIM DISCO cordially invites you to get an earful of JUNKSHOP GENO!


PADDY KINGSLAND is an ELECTRONIC MUSIC composer.best known for being a member of THE BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP and for his work for 1970's TELEVISION shows such as DOCTOR WHO,THE CHANGES and THE HITCHHICKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY.He eschewed the MUSIQUE CONCRETE approach of the early workshop musicians and utilised synthesisers like the EMS VCS 3 and the EMS SYNTHI 100 to make catchy and tuneful music.A good example of his work is ''TEARAWAY'' which was recorded for the MUSIC LIBRARY label AMPHONIC MUSIC and was presumably used to accompany news footage and dramatized portrayals of young FOOTBALL HOOLIGANS and other JUVENILE DELINQUENTS

Wednesday, 7 February 2018


WIRED UP! FANZINE is an essential read for lovers of 70's GLAM ROCK.Named after the classic JUNKSHOP GLAM number by HECTOR,the first four issues have featured a host of glam greats such as SLADE,SWEET,SUZI QUATRO and COCKNEY REBEL along with reviews of obscure JUNKSHOP 45's by the likes of BIG WHEEL,SHADES,MUSTARD and CLUTCH

Things get even more interesting when the focus shifts onto that 70's subgenre known as BOVVER ROCK.Issue Three is billed as A BOVVER ROCK SPECIAL and contains an excellent article that details the 70's STREET GLAM bands that took inspiration from SLADE and appealed to the WORKING CLASS/POST SKINHEAD/FOOTBALL LOVING fraternity: THE HAMMERSMITH GORILLAS,JOOK,BILBO BAGGINS and the aforementioned HECTOR

Don't expect to be stuck in the 70's with every page though.Things are brought up to date with reviews of recent live gigs and recordings by the some of the 70's GREATS that are still performing as well as those by a growing number of contemporary acts that are inspired by them:GIUDA,GLAM SKANKS,THUNDERPUSSY and more

Check out the links below to pick up the latest issue and limited {don't sleep on it!} back copies - GET DOWN AND GET WITH IT!