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Tuesday, 2 August 2016


In contrast to the superstars of the UK GLAM-ROCK scene,HELLO were not seasoned performers,but a group of genuine teenagers.The band were signed to BELL RECORDS in 1972 and kicked things off with a couple of strong rocking 45's penned by songwriter RUSS BALLARD

Their first hit was the GLITTER BAND styled reading of the R'n'B classic ''TELL HIM''.The record reached number 6 in the UK charts at the end of'74.Subsequent releases fared less well and the best part of a year passed before another RUSS BALLARD song ''NEW YORK GROOVE'' returned them to the TOP TEN.Producer MIKE LEANDER mixed the beat loudly {as he did with his GARY GLITTER/THE GLITTER BAND productions} and captured a great performance from the band.The feel was somewhere between BO DIDDLEY and HAMILTON BOHANNON.A GLAM/DISCO fusion that was perfect for the time and perfect for the dance floor.The record spent nine weeks in the charts and peaked at number 9

In 1978 ACE FREHLEY the lead guitarist of KISS recorded a version of the song and scored a TOP 20 HIT in THE BILLBOARD HOT 100

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  1. Cool! that guy on the left on the photo looks like Russ a bit!