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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


''Don't Look Twice Run For Your Life
You Ain't Zap You Ain't Got Nine Lives''

ZAP 'N' KAT is a super obscure GLAM PUNK number driven by a PROPULSIVE BACKBEAT and choppy FREAKBEAT guitar riffs.It came out on DECCA RECORDS in 1975 as the B-SIDE of a song called {takes a deep breath}:''THIS IS WHERE THE HURDIE GURDIE HEEBIE GEEBIE GREENIE MAN CAME IN''.The A-SIDE could be mistaken for CHICORY TIP and features a catchy MOOG SYNTH RIFF reminiscent of the one played on ''SON OF MY FATHER''.It's not without charm,but you really need to flip the disc over to PUT THE KAT AMONGST THE TEENYBOPPERS.

Does Anyone have any info on BUBBLES? I would LOVE to hear ANYHING about the people who created this amazing 45!

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