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Wednesday, 4 April 2018


US born GENO WASHINGTON enjoyed a degree of popularity in the UK during the late 60's.His high energy performances {inspired by STAX-VOLT artists like OTIS REDDING and EDDIE FLOYD} were unparalleled on this side of the water and Geno {with THE RAM JAM BAND} were a major live draw.His LP's {live documents of their shows} sold well,but hit 45's eluded him and as the 70's dawned,the band split and Geno returned home.He put his music career on ice for a few years and his next release didn't come untill the ''GENO's BACK'' LP for the DJM label in 1975

The 60's live LP's were mostly comprised of other peoples material,but for this comeback the majority of the songs were penned by the man himself {with some help from his brother-in-law PETER NOONE,better known as HERMAN from HERMAN'S HERMITS}.Despite his earlier reliance on cover songs,Geno proved to be a decent songwriter and the influences he used were quite wide ranging: LATIN FUNK {''HOLD ON MOMMA},REGGAE {''THE DEVIL'' and ''TELL ME PLEASE''} PHILLY SOUL {''LA LA LA''} POP ROCK {''ROCK ME MAE''} and a couple of numbers influenced by GLAM ROCK/GLITTER POP: ''HELP'' and ''BOOM BOOM''
DENIM DISCO cordially invites you to get an earful of JUNKSHOP GENO!

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