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Monday, 7 December 2015


THE DOOLEYS started out as a family showband in the late 60's and spent many years working in the VARIETY CLUBS of the UK.By 1975 they had added a couple of non family members,gained a recording contract and attracted some attention through performing the theme tune for the TV show ON THE MOVE.

The years of hard work finally paid off when they hooked up with the songwriting/production team of BEN FINDON and MIKE MYERS in 1977.Their breezy uplifting pop sound began to find it's way into the UK TOP 20 in the same year

The band were never a hip name to drop but it was odds on that their records would get the crowd bopping at DANCE HALLS and FUNCTION ROOMS back in the day.DENIM DISCO has four examples cued up,so roll back the rug and let the Dooley Hooley commence!

First up is ''THINK I'M GOING TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU''.Their first hit from the summer of 77'.A mid paced PHILLY DISCO styled shuffler with a catchy vocal melody,spot on harmonies and sweeping strings

''LOVE OF MY LIFE'' picked up where their first hit left off.Even more dizzy and exuberant than it's predecessor and their first TOP 10 entry in the same year

Their first 45 of 1978 ''DON'T Take IT LYIN' DOWN''.Even more DISCO punch was added to this one.It's an infectious dose of SUPER POP,but surprisingly it failed to shift units on the scale of the previous two

The band pulled out all the stops on ''WANTED''.A hook laden tour de force which sounds like ABBA mixing it up with ''THE SONG OF THE VOLGA BOATMEN''! They were rewarded with their highest chart placing when the record reached the number 3 spot in 1979

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