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Monday, 20 May 2013


In 1976 DONNY OSMOND released the ''DISCO TRAIN'' LP in an attempt to ride the early DISCO MUSIC gravy train.His solo career was on the wane by '76 and he was having to share some of the limelight with his sister MARIE.The record was seen as a chance to up his profile,but sales proved to be disappointing and it isn't remembered with great affection by the man himself.In his autobiography ''LIFE IS JUST WHAT YOU MAKE IT'' Donny quips that the train on the cover should have run him over and prevented him from recording it!

DISCO was starting to make serious inroads into the mainstream by '76 and more than a few pop performers began to incorporate disco elements in their music.With ''DISCO TRAIN'' Donny jumped wholeheartedly into the realm,or if we are to believe his later comments: pushed into it It would
be fair to say that the results were a bit hit and miss.How many songs with disco in the tile should
one LP contain? Well this one has three,which seems like two too many!

For me the standout tracks are the COUNTRY FUNK styled ''OLD MAN AUCTIONEER'',the single ''C'MON MARIANNE'' and a couple PHILLY SOUL influenced numbers in the form of ''DON'T NEED NO MONEY'' and ''NEVER GONNA LET YOU GO''.Cop an ear to the later two {via the clips below} and see what you think!



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