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Friday, 14 December 2012


                                   ''From the bright busy streets of the Charing Cross Road

                                    To the dark little alleys in old Soho
                                    From the smart noisy clubs where everybody goes
                                    To the dark little streets that nobody knows''

BUDGIE was one of the great BRITISH TV DRAMA series of the 1970's.It was first broadcast in the UK during 1971/72 and has become one of the most fondly remembered TV Shows of the era.The programme showed the gritty reality of everyday life in a way that was rarely touched upon in other TV shows of the day and the passing of time has not lessened the shows impact

The central role of small time crook RONALD 'BUDGIE' BIRD was played by the former teen pop idol ADAM FAITH.Faith had only really dabbled in acting before.He'd performed in a couple of movies in the wake of his chart success and after the pop career tailed off he appeared in some minor theatrical roles. The show was created by two experienced and successful writers:KEITH WATERHOUSE and WILLIS HALL and a few eyebrows were raised when they choose Faith for the lead role


Throughout the series Bird attempts to become a player in the SOHO CRIMINAL UNDERWORLD. He possesses of a fair degree of charm,but a lack of the requisite amount of cunning places him firmly at the bottom of the criminal 'food chain' 

Faith played the part with such conviction that the public began to question where RONALD BIRD finished and where ADAM FAITH began.During a 1974 TV interview RUSSEL HARTY said to Faith that he would be ''Frightened to come up against you in a dark alley''.Adam was forced to remind him ''Thats Budgie,thats not me.I can't help what Budgie is''.Another striking character in the programme was the gangster Charlie Endell {played by IAN CUTHBERTSON}.Cuthbertson stood at 6ft4 and also turned in a remarkably believable performance.I doubt if  HARTY would have even walked into a room if 'Charlie Endell' had been present!


The show proved to be incredibly popular and soon every 'JACK THE LAD' worth his salt would be attempting to emulate BUDGIE in the fashion stakes.In an early episode Faith wore a short zip up cotton jacket by STIRLING COOPER which had large lapels and patch pockets in contrasting colours. Similar jackets were also manufactured in suede and leather and these became known as 'BUDGIE' jackets.


The 'FEATHERED' haircut he sported in the show {created by KEITH WAINWRIGHT of SMILE} was also widely emulated.Before long the BUDGIE haircut and jacket teamed with FLARED trousers,wide collared shirt and broad STACK HEELED became THE LOOK for working class white males in the UK and made ADAM FAITH the much emulated 'FACE' of STREET FAHION.

BUDGIE was more than just a character in a TV drama show. BUDGIE was no less than THE WIDE BOY JAMES DEAN OF THE TELEVISION SCREEN!


                            The complete 1st and 2nd series is now available on DVD:


                            You would be well advised to snap em’ up sharpish.

                             Now would I sell you wrong Squire?

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