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Friday, 30 December 2011


''STANDING IN THE ROAD'' was a TOP 5 hit for Birmingham's BLACKFOOT SUE in the year of our glam 1972.The single {which could easily be mistaken for a SLADE song from the same era} was a DISCOTHEQUE ROCK classic pulsating with forceful GUITAR RIFFS a steady but heavy LOCOMOTIVE DANCE beat

Eddie Golga (lead guitar, vocals) explained the origin of the records distinctive rhythmic break this way:

''Alan got bored and picked up a biscuit tin and started banging it. I said "That sounds good!" and we all started hitting Coke bottles with sticks and that created the rhythm section in the middle''

The band followed it up with ''SING DON'T SPEAK'' which developed the format of the first single to great effect

Sadly the single failed to take off in the same way and the band soldiered on for a few years releasing strong material that the public failed to warm to.At the end of the decade they evolved into the WHITE SOUL group LINER

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