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Monday, 21 November 2011


Brian Protheroe is mostly remembered for the song ''PINBALL'' which made number 22 in the UK CHARTS in 1974.His follow up 45's'' FLY NOW'' and ''THE GOOD BRAND BAND SONG'' received a
reasonable amount of airplay but sadly fared less well.Their lack of sales left Brian with a ''ONE HIT WONDER'' tag which is a shame as I regard him as one of the best SINGER/SONGWRITERS of the era.

The three lp's he recorded for CHRYSALIS RECORDS contain a wealth of amazing songs that highlight his distinctive word-play and draw on song traditions from FOLK,BLUES,JAZZ,POP through to VAUDERVILLE.All three have been  reissued on CD by the BASTA label and can't be recommend highly enough.

''CLOG DANCER'' was a track from his debut LP which also turned up on the flip side of ''FLY NOW''. It's a fast looping dream of a song which takes the best aspects of his contemporaries {CAT STEVENS,ELTON JOHN,PRICE & FAME} and sends them on a skat singing,honky tonkin',roller coaster ride!

She Was A Big End Brenda
She Could Bend A Big Banana
She Could Talk Your Daddy Loose In The Park
In The Dark
Was A Tate Mate Lady
She Can Dig Modigliani
She Can Woo Picasso Out Of The Frame
What A Dame
But She Catch You With A Snap Shot
Clap Trap
Put You On Your Back If You Don't Watch Out

Goodbye To The Clog Dancer
You Kept Your Electric Eye On Me Good
Bye Bye To The Hot Pantser
You Could Tell By The Beat
As She Walk Down The Street
It Was Only Her Feet That Were Made Of Wood

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