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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Floating Opera - Let's Streak

A MONSTER Glam Stomper from 1974!

The tune hinges on a KILLER Moog synth line and a RESURRECTION SHUFFLE style chant layered over a QUICK JOEY SMALL meets ROCK and ROLL PART 2 backbeat.

It was composed by Alan Hawkshaw and Ray Davies,both known for their involement with KPM Music and other Music Library labels throughout the 70's.Given this I think it's safe to asume that the band was a studio creation.

Hawshaw is notable for playing Hammond organ on numerous pop and library sessions.
He also played Moog synthesizer on the ROCK ON LP by David Essex in 1973 and composed the synth-moog-library album ARP ODYSSEY for KPM in '75.


  1. huh yeah c'mon easy now, right on!!!

  2. I was actually searching for Arp Odyssey when I came across this unknown monster of a track! Those synths are just so gnarly and the "stomp" gives the Glitter Band a run for their money!

    Many thanks for sharing this one, it just shows how many incredible tracks there are out there, that still exist under the radar - if I still had a record player, I would be snapping those 7 inches up on Discogs.